Yes We Mystic (CA)

Yes We Mystic

Photo credit: Callie Lugosi

An abundant and highly emotional sound was already the signature of their debut, when Winnipeg-based quintet Yes We Mystic appeared on the indie rock radar with “Forgiver” in 2016. Although no label to support them, they reached a level of quality early on that many others must work and write for entire careers to get even close to. One only has to listen to songs like the densely layered “No Harm” or “Odessa Steps” with its vital strings to prove that. Three years down the line, the Canadian five-piece group signed to DevilDuck Records to release their second album “Ten Seated Figures” which comes with an unconventional clue. The concept of the album revolves around personal mythologies, distorted perspectives and the daily self-delusions we all fall victim to. To underline this, the band created a clone of itself with five other members who make up that alternate version of Yes We Mystic and who will perform, give interviews and shoot photos for the media. It's an experiment that perfectly fits the unpredictable nature of the project, with musical nods as diverse as J Cole, Katy Perry and The Weakerthans wrapped up in a multi-faceted, strangely triumphant songwriting.