Surfbort (US)


Photo credit: Cheryl Georgette

Sick of all those opportunists who cynically gloat over the disintegration of society? Surfbort are with you on that one and came up with an antidote for the frustration. It sounds simple: a glorious garage punk revival with fuzzy guitars and a powerfully angry singer not amused about the current state of affairs, combined with screams of desperation as much as with bare calls for disobedience. Dani Miller is the voice of Surfbort, who is able to intone ecstatically and aggressively at the same time, always ready to set fire to the stage she's performing on. Manic, sometimes acting like a clever caricature, her presence is awe-inspiring and fits the uninhibited energy of her band colleagues perfectly. Drummer Sean Powell and guitarists David Head and Alex Kilgore are some of the last survivors of the 90s Texas punk scene, ready to take their sound to a whole new unapologetic level. After all, it's a dark time and high noon for profound changes that won't be achieved the easy way. Realizing that is also part of the musical experience of Surfbort, who are not praised for nothing by Beyoncé, Blondie and The Strokes alike. Untamed punk that's still too rare these days.