Renata Zeiguer (US)


Brought up on a steady diet of classical composers like Prokofiev and Debussy, but also mingling with influences of jazz and tango played by her Argentinian grandmother on the piano, Renata Zeiguer already began writing transboundary music as a kid. Sometimes well thought-out, sometimes wildly improvised her works were instrumental at first, but eventually expanded into lyrical songwriting, always defined by her love for the keyboard. Yet it's far from any notion of trivial piano monotony. Her debut “Old Ghost” already defied prevalent expectations as to what indie rock can or should sound like nowadays. Catchy and somewhat dreamlike yet melodically complex without intellectualizing everything, Renata's style is inspired by 20th century American jazz standards, as well as Brazilian tropicália, the Beatles and the Brooklyn independent rock scene. Her sweeping energy turns out to be at least as fascinating as her unadulterated sense of experimentation within the framework of a 3-minute-song, whether she's on stage solo or supporting several like-minded bands with her voice, violin and keys.