An instinct for delicate mixtures of different styles has always been part of Ori Alboher's music, whether it be futuristic R&B, ambient with a certain pop-appeal or tenderly chiseled neo soul. The Jerusalem-born multi-instrumentalist lives in Berlin, the city which ignited his creative fire and led to this gracefully reduced style, seemingly flowing out of him like a completely natural gesture of the mind. It can be heard in the breathing and twittering of birds, the xylophone and sensual guitars in “There's No One Else”, the washed-out downtempo of “Half Human” or the fragile falsetto in “Parachute”, schmoozed by piano and canny electronica. Ori's songwriting is as creative as it is thoughtful, in a deeply relaxing manner, thanks to his aspirated singing and melodic sensibility. In march he demonstrated his art at SXSW in Austin, Texas and at the MusExpo in L.A., reaping exhilarated responses from the audience. After finishing material for his coming third album, he is up for some serious goose-bump action in New York.