Mira Lu Kovacs (AT)

Mira Lu Kovacs

Photo Credit: Ina Aydogan

For years now, Mira Lu Kovacs releases brilliant works between chamber folk, songwriter indie and introspective avant-pop with lyrical momentum under her alias Schmieds Puls. Her multi-faceted, deeply passionate tone language is no product for a fast-moving viral marketing campaign, songs like “Play Dead” or “Run” make that pretty clear. One wants to get lost in the sound of Kovacs, understand and relish her dynamic timbre in every nuance. Anybody who thought that there's no more room for singer-songwriters with guitars in this life will think again after listening to the compositional originality in her music. Her qualities as a crossover artist between various styles and genres, but also as a poet immune to the pretentious have brought the artist to the opening ceremony of the Wiener Festwochen in 2018, performing in front of 60.000 people. No doubt her performance at the New York Edition of Reeperbahn Festival will leave the audience equally stunned.