Leoniden (DE)


Photo credit: Robin Hinsch

From Kiel via Germany's biggest festival stages out into the world: The comet-like ascent of Leoniden couldn't be missed by anybody, who cared for the country's indie rock and pop scene. It just wasn't possible: Late Night Berlin, Bongo Boulevard, ARD Startrampe and ZDF Aspekte – there was hardly any German news outlet or music medium that didn't celebrate the bands euphoric up-beat rock songs. And rightly so, considering the sweeping energy this music infects the listener with, like a storm of tummy butterflies you thought wasn't even possible anymore, not in this day and age. And yet it's there. What started two years ago on the self titled debut, found its continuation in 2018s “Again”, followed by two sold out tours. The band itself isn't keen on picturing where all of this may lead. They prefer living in the moment, which is why they are capable of creating a fitting soundtrack for a generation in an optimistic mood of departure towards the future – artistically, culturally, politically. With their final part of the “Kids Will Unite” tour already waiting, it seems like the perfect timing for taking a bite of the Big Apple.