Gurr (DE)


Photo credit: Miriam Marlene Waldner

While being in search of the perfect mixture between retro-style and modernity, the duo of Andreya Casablanca and Laura Lee never got on the wrong track. Not on their much praised debut "In My Head" from 2016 and not on their EP "She Says", released this year via Awal. But while the two Berlin singers like it straight and simple, they create infectious hooks and vocals with their jangly Garage style, taking what's best from Indie, Pop and Punk alike. It's a curious form of understatement, audible in songs like the beautifully melancholic "Fake News" or "She Says" with its wistful but down to earth chorus and that's responsible for the duo's success in Germany. Still, how they managed to engage Bela B., drummer of the infamous German punk band Die Ärzte, as an actor for their video of "Zu spät" is up for speculation. But then again, Gurr already worked with Dave Grohl and Eddie Argos while Boy George outed himself as a fan years ago. In march of this year, Casablanca and Lee performed at SXSW in Texas followed by a club tour through Germany. So with the advent of the 2019 summer season, the next stop naturally has to be: Reeperbahn Festival, New York Edition.